Single Post Two Bay Swing Set w/ Cantilever

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The 7/8 feet high Elite Cantilever Swing - 2 Bays 1 Cantilever is great for busier play areas with plenty of older kids, as well as a few young children who will still want a chance to swing. The two bays can each be used to contain a pair of belt swings which are ideal for most riders, while the cantilever swing acts as a sort of ‘sidecar’ to the main bays, and is a perfect place to install a bucket swing. The cantilevered swing is set at a lower height with hangers spaced farther apart, which prevents it from moving too high or too quickly. For this reason, the set comes standard with four classic belt seats, and one bucket seat designed to safely support and contain young riders. However, it can also be ordered without the chains and seats, so that you can install any swings that you prefer. Contact a representative for details.

USE ZONE: 32' x 39'

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