Perforated Steel Traditional Rectangular Bench with Back

Bench w back
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The Perforated Steel Traditional Rectangular Bench without Back may be simple, but that does not take away from its durability and usefulness. The high-quality steel materials used in its construction are extremely sturdy, and the perforations help to keep them from accumulating moisture. However, there are some things that can damage even steel. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about them, since this bench is coated in a protective layer of thermoplastic which guards it against rust, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and vandalism. It even protects against color fading from UV rays, which is particularly nice since we offer a wide selection of different color options. The bench is offered in five different sizes, ranging from 4 to 15 feet. There are also three available mounting options, which allow you to install the bench with a permanent base compatible with just about any ground surface, or even give it a portable base so that you can transport it anywhere.

Each increase in size increases the price for each bench.

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